Nail Services

Nail Salon in GilbertProfessional nail services provide long-lasting, gorgeous nails that withstand daily tasks. Treat yourself to a relaxing manicure or pedicure and enjoy beautifully polished nails or toes for weeks!

We provide traditional acrylics as well as a wide variety of colors in gel and Shellac. Gel and Shellac polished nails provide a hard, chip-resistant finish that protects the nails and therefore encourages growth.

Gelish, CND, Ink, Just Gel and EZ Flow gel and Shellac polishes provide a beautiful mirror finish designed to last for at least two weeks. With more than a decade of experience, our master nail tech provides her clients with tried and true techniques that create flawless results… no peeling or chipping!

You may want to try a Recovery or Detox treatment along with your manicure or pedicure. Gelish Recovery is a UV Light-Cured Vitamin Treatment for weak, dry, brittle nails. The product is applied after removal of gel or acrylics and restores nail health.

Regular nail polish can be worn over the vitamin treatment and best of all, the vitamin base remains intact after the polish is removed so your nails continue to benefit from the treatment.

  • Manicure – $20 (Add a Recovery or Detox treatment for $5 more)

  • Pedicure – $35 (Add a Recovery or Detox treatment for $10 more)

  • Mani/Pedi Package – $45 (With Recovery or Detox… $60)

  • Gel Polish – $25

  • Gel Fill – Starting at $25

  • Sculptured Acrylics – $45

  • Acrylics Toes – $30

  • Tips/Acrylic with Gel Polish $35

  • French Gel – $35 Add $10 for Pedicure to Acrylic/Gel Toes