Skin Care in Gilbert, AZ

Skin Care Treatment Gilbert AZSkin care is more than aesthetics. It’s about healthy, glowing, youthful skin that reflects your vibrancy and overall health. It’s about preventative care to maintain youthful skin and protect it from elemental damage such as UV rays. It’s about restoration through lightening, hydrating, toning and tightening. And, it’s about gaining control over acne, improving skin health and feeling confident about your appearance.

Acne Treatment

Our experienced aestheticians love to watch the transformation as their acne clients experience the healing process and their skin begins to clear and brighten! Acne can be a major burden for teenagers as well as adults. Our aestheticians help our clients gain control over their acne through acne facials, extractions and a customized at-home skincare plan with safe yet highly effective products.


Preventative anti-aging skincare is one of the best ways to keep your skin supple and smooth for many years. Our professionals will develop a customized treatment plan for your skin type and needs that will include in-house skin care treatments as well as an at-home maintenance plan.


Whether you have fine lines, acne scars or hyper-pigmentation due to sun-damaged skin, our aestheticians offer restorative treatments with pharmaceutical-grade skin care products that are effective yet safe. Micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels and anti-oxidant vitamin C facials are just a few of your many options when it comes to restorative skin care treatments at Frankie D’s.

Facials & Treatments

  • Deluxe Spa Facial – $65
  • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – $75
  • Acne Treatment Facial – $85
  • Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C Facial – $75
  • Glycolic Anti-Aging Treatment – $75
  • Hyper-Pigmentation – $75
  • Maintenance Facial – $45
  • Back Treatment – $65
  • Acne Back Treatment – $65
  • Feet & Hand Treatments – $10-$
  • Salt Glow Exfoliation Body Treatment – $95
  • Skin Consultations (by appointment) – NO COST
  • Tinting Eyebrows or Lashes – Starts at $25

Chemical Exfoliation

All chemical exfoliating treatments include deep pore cleansing, extractions when needed and application of specialty serums and protectants. If necessary, we have post-treatment checkups available.

  •  One Treatment – $85

Power C, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Ethetique

  •  Series of 3 Treatments @ $75 each – $225
  • Series of 6 Treatments @$65 each – $390
  • One Treatment – $95

Sensi Peel, PCA Peel (3 or more layers)

  •  Series of 3 Treatments @ $85 each – $255

Consultation is required prior to any chemical exfoliation or session of micro-dermabrasion.


All standard micro-dermabrasion treatments include deep pore cleansing and the application of a specialty mask, special serums and skin protection.

  • One Treatment – $95
  • Series of 3 Treatments @ $75 each – $225
  • Series of 6 Treatments at $65 each – $390

Includes one free Maintenance Facial

  • Series of 10 Treatments at $60 each – $600

Includes one free Facial of your choice, any value.

An additional charge of $10-$25 per session will apply if your micro-dermabrasion is followed by a chemical treatment for deeper exfoliation.

Skin Care Treatment Packages

Total Skin Rejuvenating Package $400

If you want to lighten hyper-pigmentation, or you want to achieve smooth glowing skin, this package works to ensure total optimal skin health through deeper exfoliation. Skin cells and collagen growth are stimulated. Simultaneously, rich antioxidants replenish your dehydrated and stressed skin. This package will be customized to your goals and skin care needs.

  • 2 Chemical Exfoliating Treatments @ $75 each
  • 2 Micro-dermabrasion Treatments @ $85 each
  • 2 Maintenance Facials @ $40 each
  • Acne Clearing Package $375

Do you wish to gain control and manage your acne problems? This is a vigorous treatment plan designated to clear and manage acne. We will work to design a full skincare regimen to meet your specific skin care needs. If needed, we offer follow-up skin checkups at no cost.

  • 1 Deep Pore Acne Facial @ $70 each
  • 3 Acne Chemical Peels @$75 each
  • 2 Maintenance Facials @$40 each

*If deeper resurfacing is needed, additional charges apply.