Whether you are concerned about fine lines, sagging skin or blemishes, there are a number of common mistakes that may be diminishing the health of your skin and in turn, the appearance of your skin. We’ll skip the lecture on smoking, sun exposure and poor diet. All three are very hard on your skin, but chances are you probably knew that! Let’s talk about some of the other mistakes you may not even realize.

 Product Overload!

There are thousands of products on the market and as we fight aging skin or acne, we may be tempted to try a little of everything. Not only can this be an expensive mistake, but too many products can be counterproductive. Ingredients in one product may cause ingredients in another product to be ineffective. It’s best to stick with a product line and follow the steps as the manufacturer has suggested. Or, set up a skincare consult with a licensed aesthetician. Skincare lines in spas are usually only sold in spas by licensed aestheticians and are often pharmaceutical grade and highly effective.


Exfoliating the skin too often can lead to compromising the lipid barrier in your skin. This can lead to inflammatory acne and accelerated aging. You may develop tell-tale signs such as dry red patches or your skin may just appear sort of dull. There are serums that contain special ingredients that can offer the same tightening and freshening effects of exfoliation without the harsh results.

Lack of Moisture

Skin needs hydration, especially in our harsh Arizona climate! This means drinking plenty of water and using a high quality moisturizer in the morning and after cleansing your skin at night. Pay special attention to the area around your eyes as this skin is most delicate and requires special eye crèmes. If your skin is oily and acne prone, you may be tempted to skip moisturizing, but even oily skin needs hydration. There are some great product lines such as Hylunia that carry excellent moisturizers for even the most sensitive acne-prone skin.

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By Frankie D’s https://www.facebook.com/FrankieDsSalon.Gilbertaz